History of Chuck's Fire

We believe in providing a good service at a fair price.

Chuck's Fire was born September 1984 with a single man, Chuck Stegman. Before Chuck's Fire was created Chuck worked for several different fire extinguisher companies as an hourly employee. Until the opportunity arose to become a franchise owner with an un-named company. Chuck bought in to the company and was given an area of service Ontario-CA. As a franchise owner Chuck was able to make minor changes in the level of service that was provided to the customer. But there were still limitations as to what he could change or make better. One of the biggest problems Chuck had was with the way quotes and billing was done. Chuck is a strong believer in providing a quote with out hidden fees or surcharges. Chuck quickly learned that the company he bought in to just did not care about the customer, only profits. It was then that Chucks Fire Extinguisher Service Co. was born. Providing a good service at a fair price was the reason for starting Chuck's Fire and today we still strive to provide the best service to our customers at a fair price. All of our Technicians are Licensed by the California State Fire Marshals Office and Insured. Chuck's Fire was born with the integrity and pride of a small family business. Through the years we have grown into a very large, small family business and have retained our integrity and pride with the service provided to our customers. Chuck has retired, enjoying life with his wife (my mom). My name is Troy Stegman and I am Chuck's Son, 47 years old. I think my Dad knew I would be continuing the company at some point. He has had me servicing fire equipment and teaching me since I was 12 years old.  Even though Dad has retired, Chuck's Fire still strives to provide quality service at a fair price. Safety is never compromised and always our top priority. In an event that you need use a fire extinguisher, it just needs to work! Saving property and life one fire extinguisher at a time. - Chuck's Fire