Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

In depth look at fire extinguisher maintenance

There are several different types of fire extinguishers and have different maintenance regulations. The most common type of fire extinguisher is ABC Dry Chemical, which comes in different sizes used for different applications. Internal maintenance of a dry chemical fire extinguisher is required every 6 years from the date of manufacture, or if the fire extinguisher has been discharged. There are two parts that need to be replaced every 6 years or if the extinguisher has been discharged. The diagram to the left shows a detailed break down of a typical fire extinguisher. Part #7 (pressure seal) and part #4 (valve stem) are the parts that need to be replaced. The other parts are mostly external and must be repaired or replaced if damaged. Dry chemical does not go bad and should be recycled back into the extinguisher. Unless, the chemical has been exposed to moisture. In this case the chemical must be replaced.

Hydrostatic Testing, is basically a pressure test on the cylinder it self. During this test the 6 year internal maintenance must also be preformed. This test is only required once every 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Parts List

1.) Head Assembly 10.) Handel
2.) Siphon Tube 11.) Rivets
3.) O-Ring 12.) Lanyard
4.) Valve Stem 13.) Pull Pin
5.) Moisture Seal 14.) Tamper Seal
6.) Spring 15.) Discharge Hose
7.) Pressure Seal 16.) Hose Strap
8.) Gauge 17.) Wall Bracket
9.) Lever 18.) Label