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utilizes a mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical. This is the most commonly used extinguisher.


Halon 1211
Uses a clean agent that quickly penetrates hard to reach places and leaves no residue.


Pressurized Water
2 1/2 gallons of water, penetrates burning material. Used for Class A fires.


Purple K
Contains siliconized potassium bicarbonate. Very effective on Class B fires.



Effective for electrical and flammable liquid fires. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, odorless gas.


Class D
Features a soft flow extension applicator. Allowing the operator to stand away from the burning material.


Halotron BrX
Next generation of aviation fire extinguishers. Used for Class B and C fires.


Utilizes a clean agent. Non-conductive and leaves no residue. Used for sensitive electronics.


High Flow
Applications where discharge rates exceed 1lb per sec. Required as specified in NFPA 10.


Water Mist
The ultimate fire extinguisher for Class A and C fires. Penetrates and cools.

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