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Trained employees are given the confidence they need to respond to an emergency situation and are more likely to remember and follow the specific emergency protocols their company has established. Portable fire extinguishers are designed for insipient stage fire fighting. Fundamentally, fire training is both about how and when to utilize portable fire extinguishers. Trained employees will be better able to assess fire risk so as to determine when the use of the fire extinguisher is appropriate and when it is not.

Confronted with a fire emergency, untrained individuals are more likely to use the wrong type of portable extinguisher or may even attempt to fight a fire with "homemade" tools such as jackets, buckets of water, or potted plants. This type of response often only increases the scope of the fire situation and heightens the risk to them and others. Untrained employees can enhance the threats to themselves if they do try to take action but do not fully understand how to identify and use the proper tools that are available.

Employee safety is always the first concern, and with this in mind, some safety officers institute an evacuation-only policy rather than look at ways to have employees be prepared to use the fire extinguishing aids that are available throughout the workplace. A blanket evacuation-only emergency plan can fail to recognize the realities of many fire incidents. In an actual fire situation, evacuation is not always an option. Extinguishers can be used to create a means of egress when paths are otherwise blocked by fire. They also can be used to reach or respond to personnel in immediate danger.

Fire extinguishers can play a key role in minimizing business losses. By combating fires before they become large-scale emergencies, property losses and downtime can be greatly reduced or eliminated.



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